Friday, August 21, 2009

Banana Dogs!

I saw this recipe idea when I was watching the Disney Channel with my Bella! Its such a cute idea for lunch or a snack! Bella thinks they are the Bees Knees!!!

What You Will Need:
A Whole Wheat Hot Dog Bun
A Banana
Peanut butter

First peel your banana (The right way! LOL!) and place it in a whole wheat hot dog bun.

Next add some peanut butter and jelly for your condiments!

Lastly, watch as your little one devours the entire thing!

Happy Friday!


Lynette said...

now i would eat that for sure
love bananas but want to put it in a hot dog caddie

Stephanie said...

I love bananas and love PB&J's with the best of them, but I'm not too sure about that one, lol.

Maybe for a little one, though! Sure looks like they'd love it!

Molly said...

that is hysterical, I'm going to try that tomorrow!

I meant to follow your blog a couple of weeks ago, so I am now!

Courtney said...

Oh that kind of creeps me out.. but I do like bananas and peanut butter sandwich.. pretty much the same thing!

Mlynczyk said...

I think this sounds gross, but I can definitely see how kids would like it. Bananas and bread? yuck! haha. Oh, also wondering what you did with all of your johnson and johnson said you were gonna throw it away, but that wouldn't be very good for the environment! lol

Melina said...

I havent tried them but I'm guessing its pretty much the same as a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Bella loves them! She asks for one pretty much every day! As for the Johnson & Johnson, I actually dumped them out and recycled the bottles! I now am using Koala Pals which is all natural and Quaternium 15 Free! Also, I checked the Aveeno baby washes in Walmart and they were also Quaternium 15 Free if any of you are looking to change brands.

Mlynczyk said...

Yay for recycling! Being from Eugene, I am a recycling freak, lol. I was never one for banana and PBJ sandwiches...I tried a bite once, not for me! :)