Tuesday, August 5, 2008

35 weeks...35 days to go!

Well yesterday marked my 35th week being pregnant! Only 35 days to go...If she's on time that is! I would have loved nothing more than to max and relax all day long! I have been so tired lately! I am in desperate need of a spa day! Ha ha!

Unfortunately, instead of getting some much needed rest, I spent 9 hrs in the emergency room last night! Fun Fun! Poor Miss Bella had gotten a fever of 105 at about 9:00pm, so off we went to the hospital. Poor thing! She was so miserable! I waited in that stupid waiting room for 41/2 hrs before they called us back for her to be examined! Which is awesome if you are pregnant and want to have the legs, ankles, and feet of a 600 lb woman! I swelled up like a balloon! Ridiculous! They couldn't bring her fever down with just medicine so they gave her an IV! I wanted to cry! It was so sad, but she was a trooper. The doctors took blood & urine, ran a ton of labs, gave her chest x-rays...the whole nine yards! Finally at 6:30 this morning they concluded that she has Bronchitis! So Weird...She hasn't coughed once!