Monday, September 1, 2008

39 Weeks!

Well I am 39 weeks today and still pregnant! I really wish that I would have her a little early, but I guess a week or so to wait isn't too bad. I think its funny that everyone for some reason thought that I would have her this weekend. It would have been kind of cool to go into labor on labor day! haha. I guess she'll come when she's ready.

Some people kind of freaked me out this weekend. At least three of our friends and two complete strangers have decided that I'm having a boy instead of a girl. So now I have this thought in the back of my mind that our ultrasounds were completely wrong and we are gonna have a boy instead. I would love to have a boy or a girl honestly, but man...I would have to do some redecorating since the baby's nursery is purple. Not to mention how much shopping I would have to do. Also, Robby and I never could agree on a name for a boy so that would be a bit of a problem! haha. I'm probably being dumb and am worried about nothing, but I am so prepared for a little girl! A little boy...not so much!


Mlynczyk said...

I've been worrying that I will have a boy too! Not that it would be bad, a lot of our stuff is neutral, but he would have no clothes and we would have to have a nameless child for a bit. I'm sure we will both have our girls and it is just our pregnancy making us crazy...and strangers!