Tuesday, September 9, 2008

40 Week Check Up!

I am 40 weeks & 1 day and still no baby! Ugh! I had my 40 week check up today that I was hoping I wouldnt have to go to but oh well! I am 2 1/2 cm now so at least there's some progress. The doc stripped my membranes again. I wanted to either cry or pass out it hurt so bad! She was able to do it easier this time she said so hopefully it actually works and I will have our little one tonight! I'm soooo ready to be done!


Mlynczyk said...

Is she here yet!??

Mlynczyk said...

I can't believe she's being so stubborn. Have you done jumping jacks and looong walks and squats and other stuff to help you along? Hopefully she comes soon! It wouldn't be fun to be pregnant forever.