Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bella vs. Conjunctivitis

Yesterday, I noticed that my sweet Bella's eye was a bit red just in the corner. I considered that it might just be irritated due to our recent move to the driest and dustiest place in the US., but in the back of my mind I was thinking...Eeeek, Conjunctivitis aka. Pink Eye!

She came in to my room this morning with a horrible sounding cough and the reddest little eye I have ever seen! Poor thing! So Robby and Bella headed to the hospital, and sure enough...
Pink Eye!

They gave her some antibiotic drops! So hopefully she will be all better in a day or two! If the drops don't work that means that she has viral conjunctivitis and we will probably all get it! Yikes!

So for now as a precaution she is quarantined upstairs for today! At least I finished her room this morning so she will be busy playing with all of her toys and books that I will have to disinfect tomorrow. Fun Fun!