Friday, February 13, 2009

The Move From H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

After being in Texas for a whole week without our household items, and repeated broken promises on when it would all arrive. Our movers finally showed up today at 6:30pm.

The driver of the truck told us that we needed to call his boss to find out what our balance was and pay him before they would start unloading our belongings from the moving truck. Which i thought was fair so Robby called. $2600.00?!!!!! Unbelievable! I was absolutely flabbergasted since our entire move was supposed to only cost $2280.00 and we already paid $761 for a deposit making our balance $1519.oo.
You see our items were already packed up in boxes sitting in storage with a weight of 46oo lbs. Well according to these nimrods sitting in storage adds 3600 lbs of weight to your stuff. They tried to tell us that our stuff weighs almost double what it actually does! Lunatics I tell you.

So Robby tells this lady that we were not going to pay them that amount but would gladly pay them what is written in the contract that we signed...$1519.00! Her reply, "Well that's fine, we will just take your stuff and put it in storage until you pay us the full amount!" Robby's rebuttal, "Well that's fine, I'll call the cops." Then he hung up the phone and called the fuzz.

The Po-Po's showed up at our house, and at that point the mover lady decided she would give us a break, or so I thought. As long as we paid the $1519 they would unload it, and then after weighing the truck again if our weight was over 4600lbs we would be billed the extra...Fine. So we agreed and then asked which would be easier...Debit/Credit or Check? "Oh sorry," She says, "we will only take cash or a money order!" Who does that??? So Robby had to drive 15minutes to Walmart because they are the only ones that will let you purchase money orders with a debit card! Grrrr.
As if this hassle were not enough...the unloading began, and my tears began to fall! The only mover they provided us with was the driver, so Robby had to help him move our things. Then the driver would only move our items into the garage. When asked to put some things in the house, he informed us that he was instructed to only unload our items in the garage. Poor Robby! He had to move most all of our items in the house by himself as I was taking care of our little ones. Almost everything else is still in the garage.

As I mentioned that I had started balling...Yes...its true, and this is why...Every single piece of furniture was damaged! I mean almost EVERYTHING! Grease Stains! Scuffs! Scratches! Dents! Tears! Broken! EVERYTHING! The baby items were what started the tears flowing! All the sweet little items purchased for my Lilly. They looked like they were handled by a greasy mechanic! :o(

So, I took pictures of everything that was damaged, and Robby moving our items. I mean really what are we paying them for??? So we will hopefully get a refund and be reimbursed for all the damages. Either that or I guess we will have to sue the crap out of their asses!

Ugh! What a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day!!!!!



Oh my goodness, that sounds horrible! I hope things turn around with the moving company! I can only imagine how angry I would be in that situation... Poor Robby. Glad you guys made it home safely tho. :)