Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dinosaur Exhibit!

Today I took the girls to the El Paso Science Museum to see the dinosaur exhibits. The exhibit consisted of a bunch of animatronic dinosaurs. They were really cool. I kind of wish the exhibit was bigger!

Bella was a bit weary at first. Then I started calling them by their "Land before Time" names and that put her at ease. Her favorite was "Sarah" aka Triceratops. LOL!

So we were happily moving through the exhibit when Miss Bella spotted the very last dinosaur..."Sharp Tooth" aka T-REX! I don't think I have seen her that scared in my life. She went into a complete panic and started screaming and crying! Poor thing!

I tried to convince her that he was friendly and couldn't hurt her, but she wasn't having it, so we moved on to the science part of the museum. Of course, at the time we arrived they were doing the lightning show. As soon as we walked up the lightning boomed...and Bella ran! She ran into the boys bathroom and hid. She was done. All she would say after that was, "I want to go HOME!!!!!"

What I thought would be a fun learning experience, turned into a very traumatizing ordeal for Bella!

As we were leaving Bella says, "Are we going to see the dinosaurs?"
Mommy: " Do you want to?"
Bella: "No, I am shy to them!"
Mommy: "Oh okay"
Bella: "I like dinosaurs! Lets watch a dinosaur show Mom."

She could have fooled me!!!