Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Great Sunflower Project!

I have recently been giving an honest effort to doing more things "Green."

I try to save energy where I can! I purchase "green" cleaning products! I try to use less disposable items! I recycle every week, and have adopted the concept of loving things homemade!

I also really enjoy participating in projects/events that help the environment!

So I'm a tree-hugger...So What! LOL!

Today I signed up to participate in The Great Sunflower Project!
When you sign up they send you free sunflower seeds to plant in your garden! Thats step 1!

Then you tell them about your garden!

Lastly, observe your beautiful sunflowers on the date they specify or a sunny weekend and tell them how long it takes 5 bees to visit your sunflowers!

By doing this I am helping to pollinate our planet and giving scientists helpful data about these important pollinators!

If you have ever seen
Bee Movie you get a rough idea why pollination is so important!
If you would like to participate click the link to find out more!


Willo said...

Yay for going green! Isn't this a great project??? Thanks SO MUCH for grabbing my button!