Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009!

We had a great Easter Yesterday!

The day started with the Bella waking up, finding her Easter basket, and eating almost all of the candy before Mommy and Daddy woke up! Ugh! Oh well!

Later on we had a bunny shaped lunch!
(That's a turkey sandwich...not just a piece of bread, in case you were wondering.)

After lunch it was off to the backyard to hunt for eggs!
I will warn you now! I took lots of pics!
Bella wanted to wear her Tinkerbell dress instead of her Easter dress! So funny!

The dog in the pic with Bella is soooo cute! Everytime we are in the backyard, this is what he does! He is so sweet!
Lilly loves the tutu I made for her! Mostly, she likes to eat it, but it looks so darn cute on her!
I cant stand it!

Lilly's first Easter egg!
Of course, she tried to eat it!
Poor girls...It was so freakin' bright outside!

Daddy loves!

After Dinner Bella and I decided to whip up some Easter "Peep-Cakes"! LOL!
Aren't they cute?
What a good day!!!