Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Tooth!

I as of late have had a major hankering for everything sweet! More specifically anything chocolate covered. Chocolate covered raisins and pretzels being my favorites, but did you know that sugar has many different uses other than making your tooth ache and your tummy jiggle?

Here are 5 summer worthy uses that have nothing to do with your sweet tooth:

#1 A Hand Cleanser- I'm sure you have heard of sugar scrubs. I love them. Sugar works as a natural exfoliant, so if you have very greasy and/or dirty hands, rub them with sugar and rinse to cleanse them.

#2 Soothe A Burn On Your Tongue- I can name about a hundred times that I have sipped my coffee or hot chocolate or took a bite of food way too soon and burnt my tongue. Next time this happens to you, sprinkle a little sugar on it and the pain will be temporarily relieved.

#3 Bug Trap/Killer- If you have a fly or wasp problem boil some water and sugar together, sometimes adding pepper helps. Then pour it into an open container like a cup or jar. They will be attracted by the sugar, and will get stuck in the liquid.
-If you have a cockroach problem, mix together some sugar and baking powder. They will be attracted to the sugar, but the baking powder will kill them.

#4 Keep Food Fresh- I actually use this method to help keep cookies fresh, but it would work for biscuits, muffins, etc. Simply put some sugar cubes in the bottom of the jar, box, container etc. that you are storing your baked goods. The cubes will absorb the moisture and keep your food fresh for much longer.

#5 Get A Fire Going- Who needs kindling when you've got sugar. If you are having a tough time getting a fire going, throw some sugar on it, about a handful. The sweet stuff will light up and help to get your fire blazing.