Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Boom!!!

So it seems like everyone in the world is getting pregnant or are havin' babies! Its craziness! Even my own Dad is having a baby...Scratch that...My Step-Mom is having the baby, but you know what I mean. So with the world procreating all around us, one might get "Baby Fever." Well since I currently have an infant, I think I'll wait a few years before I try to wrap my head around the idea of baby #3, but hey I can still have a Routan baby...Right?!

I asked Robby to name him and then we started arguing over names like we were actually naming a real baby! Ha! So in an effort to stop the madness, I picked a name, he picked a name, then we plugged them into the Random Renamer, and Voila! Delaware Leviticus Pepperling it is! Hahahaha!

This cracks me up! His eyes creep me out a little though! I think everyone needs a Routan Baby!

Go make a baby(A Routan one people)!!!

Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby


Becky said...

I made mine last week and sent it to Terence and he said it was UGLY! What??? It is creepy though! LOL!