Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Lilly Anna!

September 15th was Miss Lilly Anna Banana's very 1st birthday! We celebrated w/presents and a special cake that I made for her! She was so darn cute! She wanted absolutely nothing to do with opening her presents! When Bella turned one she was more interested in ripping off the wrapping and then playing with that, but not Lilly! When we tried to show her that she could rip the paper all she wanted and that there was a goodie inside, she gave us this look like, "That's nice parents, glad you are so excited about that, but I think I'd rather play over here." She just would give us this look and then walk over to her favorite old toys and play! Haha! Once Bella took all the wrapping off for her and she saw all of the fun stuff she got, she was much more interested!

Bella would push the buttons on her toys for her to show her what they did, and then Lilly would clap and say Yay! Uh, I love my girls!!!!!!!

The cake was by far her favorite part of her birthday! I set her up with a big piece of cake. She just took little bites and then would nod in approval! So funny! She was sooo happy! I did my best to get some pics of the birthday girl but every time I pulled the camera out to take a pic she would turn her head away! She thought it was hilarious!!!

I cannot believe that my little baby girl is already 1! She is walkin' and talkin' up a storm! She even runs a little! At her one year appointment the doc said that she was pretty advanced for her age. So I guess we are doing something right! LOL! She gets funnier everyday! Words cannot even describe how much we love this little monkey!!!! Her big sis is her best friend! They are our little comedians and keep us laughing all day long!

Lilly has changed so much over the past year! We have had so much fun already! I love watching my little girls grow! They are just amazing!

Happy Birthday Lilly Bean! We love you so so much!



lilly looks so BIG! :) Happy Birthday Lilly!