Friday, September 4, 2009

Healthy Home & Wellness Open House!!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately folks! We have been soooooooo very busy! We just moved and I am excited to announce that I am in the process of planning my Healthy Home & Wellness Open House for the end of September! It is going to be so much fun! I can't wait!!!

If any of you live in the the El Paso/Ft. Bliss/Biggs AFB area, YOU ARE INVITED!!!!

It is basically a workshop that will teach you about dangers in common household products and how you can help protect your families! It will be very informative and fun!

We all do our best to protect those in our home from the everyday dangers we are aware of… if you would like to learn about some dangers in the home you may not be aware of then email me at with your contact info so that I can give you the dates, times, and directions!

Did you know...

… There are more than 3 million poisonings every year, and household cleaners are the #1 cause of poisonings in children?

… Since 1980, asthma has increased by 600%... and that common household cleaners and cosmetics have been identified as triggers of asthma attacks? Many doctors attribute the rise in children’s asthma to the cleaning products we use every day.

… Manufacturers ARE NOT required to list exact ingredients on a label, giving us a false sense of security that these products are safe?

… The National Cancer Institute released results of a 15 year study concluding that women who work in the home are at a 54% higher risk of developing cancer than women who work outside the home, due to the toxic fumes from cleaning and laundry products that are used?

… Toxic chemicals found in homes are three times more likely to cause cancer than any outdoor airborne pollutants ~ the worst air pollution is in the home!

… As little as 3 Tbsp. of Dawn dish soap is enough to kill a small child?

Now more than ever, issues like allergies, asthma and skin irritations are so prevalent in our families, and directly linked to chemicals in household products. I’d love to share this information with you to improve the health of you and your loved ones!

Email me today so you can come to my Healthy Home & Wellness Open House!

For those of you lovely blog readers who aren't in my area, but want some of this information, go to my website:

There is some information on there and you can also request more!
Happy Friday!!!