Sunday, January 11, 2009

3 Months Old!

I haven't written in a while so heres a little update! Lilly was 3 months old on December 15th! She is so amazing! She has such a fun-loving personality! She just smiles and talks all day long!

She has said what we think is her first word. She has said "Hi" about 20 times! HaHa! Or at least it sounds like it. Its a pretty easy sound so we will see if she starts to say more things.

She finally rolled over! I am so excited that I got the very first time on video! She is so precious! I love her! I would post it but my computer is not letting me for some reason. Gayness!

Miss Bella went and saw Santa! She was so excited to tell him about the pink tv that she wanted. She could barely wait to get there. She actually rehearsed with me exactly what she would tell Santa when we got there. She had it all planned out. Then we arrived! She does not like Santa!Who by the way was like a 17 year old dude! He had a fake beard and looked anorexic! I dont blame her. I had to take the picture with her and Lilly just so that she would go near him, but she covered her eyes the entire time and sat as far away as she possibly could. Poor thing! Hahaha! Aaaw Memories! LOL!