Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Baby Girl Is Getting So Big!

Lilly Anna is almost 4 months old! She will be exactly 4 months on this Thursday the 15th. Lilly is starting to be so much more aware of things! She loves to talk n play. Her favorite things are her ball that lights up n rolls around and her little bee...She talks to him alot! LOL! She is in love with her little bear snuggly! She likes to eat him and bury her little face into the attached blanky! So cute!

She is teething which was a bit of a nightmare the first night. She has been such a good baby that I'm not used to her screaming her little head off, and nothing that I do soothes her. That was until I headed to Walmart at 11:30 at night to get teething medicine n found her some all natural teething tablets! They are pretty much my best friend in life!LOL!

Lilly is trying desperately to sit up. She gets so frustrated that she can't do it! So funny!

Lilly (or Lilly Anna Banana as Bella calls her)loves her sister so much! She is absolutely amazed with everything Bella does! They are so cute when they play together!

Kameryn(My brother Angelo's daughter)loves Lilly! She went to kiss Lilly on the cheek the other day n bit her instead...Kids! It was the saddest thing ever.

Her first war wound...Sad!!!


Mlynczyk said...

Keila is trying to sit up too. No rolling over yet though, I don't put her on her belly enough I think. She is 4 months today. Time is going by so fast!