Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Saturday!

This last Saturday was sooo busy for us that I completely spaced Earth Hour which I really wanted to be a part of! At about 11:30PM that night I remembered that we were supposed to switch off the lights at 8:30PM!
I was so bummed! Oh well.

We had a pretty good day though! We woke up and got ready for the day. Then at about 2pm we were off to get the girls Easter pictures taken! OMG! Seriously the most stressful drawn out ordeal of my life!!!

We made an appointment at Olan Mills, and arrived right on time! Unfortunately for us, they were NOT on time! When we arrived they were in the middle of taking pictures of two little kids and then they had to photograph a family of 16 people! So we waited for like an hour before it was finally our turn. Grrr!

The lady asked me if I had any coupons or a package in mind, and I told her that I wanted the advertised Easter portrait package which was like $15. She then proceded to tell me that I needed a coupon from the front of the store which I would have to get one day prior to my appointment! What?! Thanks for NOT telling me that on the phone when I asked about it!Trying to keep my cool after waiting a whole hour just to hear that, I asked, "Well ok, What other packages do you have?" Apparently they don't have any packages under $80! Ridiculous!

So we went to Walmart instead! Aunt Theresa, if you're reading this...I'm sorry! We had to go to Walmart! ;o) LOL!

Finally at 5:oopm the girls were all done taking their pictures! I told you...Drawn out! I am happy to say that they took the cutest pictures EVER! I can't wait to get them back!

After all of that we went to dinner at Shogun's Japanese Grill! YAY! My favorite!

Then we went home to rest, or so I thought!

Turns out, Robby decided to throw me a big surprise birthday party! I was surprised! LOL! It was alot of fun! This was the reason that I missed Earth hour, but thats ok it was worth it!

Thanks Babe!!!