Thursday, May 14, 2009

7...8 Months Old!

So last month I completely forgot to do my monthly post for my little Beeb! I cannot believe that she is going to be 8 months old tomorrow! So here's an update.

Lil' turned seven months on April 15th. By that time she had perfected the art of being mobile using a technique that most people call...Crawling. :D She also pulled herself up to stand, and grew the most adorable little tooth I have ever seen! All of this being mastered within days. What can I say...She's gifted. ;o)

From then to now...
She has been enjoying many new foods!

I got her this spiffy thing from Walmart that she loves. Its called a fresh food feeder. You just put the fresh food in the net and snap it closed. They can chew, chomp, and suck on it with no worries of your little one choking and its BPA Free! This has been a lifesaver with her teething. I've been putting frozen fruit in it to soothe her little gums. She loves her some cantaloupe!
A few more of her favorite foods have been mashed potatoes, cheese, peaches, and...Spaghetti! Haha! She is my daughter!

To add to her growing capabilities. She can now walk around the entire living room. She can only do this while holding on to the furniture of course, and I should probably note that our living room is rather small, but she is getting closer and closer to reaching that big milestone...Walking! She also grew another adorable tooth right next to her first.

As far as her speaking, she adds more and more words to her vocabulary every day! She is very good at copying sounds that we say to her. She even spoke a sort of sentence the other day.

I had laid her in her crib with a bottle, so I could get a few things done around the house, and by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs she had already started fussing. So, I went back upstairs to see what she needed. When I got to her opened door she saw me and pleaded, " Mum-Ma...Ba-Ba!" She had dropped her bottle on the floor and wanted me to give it to her. Ahhh...I love her!

Most of her vocabulary consists of Da-Da(Daddy), Mum-Ma(Mommy), Ba-ba(Bottle), Pup-Pup(Puppy/Rocco), Blah-Blah(Bella). She is trying to say Uh-Oh, but hasnt mastered that one yet.

We now appear to have two Bulldogs! LOL! She loves Rocco!

She has also traded her infant carseat in for a big girl one!
Watching her grow and grow is so bittersweet!

All in all, she is a healthy, beautiful, sweet, funny 8 month old baby, and we love her to pieces. We are so blessed to have her, and I'm so proud to be her "Mum-Ma."
Love you Lilly Bean!