Friday, May 29, 2009

Swine Flu is Real!


Thank the Lord...I don't have the swine flu! LOL! I went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out that I have a horrible case of bronchitis! So, he loaded me up with about 5 prescriptions that will hopefully make me better soon!

A special thank you to my loving, wonderful husband that took care of me and our very spirited children this weekend while I was ill! And, that also waited in the waiting room of the ER with them for a whole 3 1/2 hours while the doctors were tryin' to figure out what was wrong with me.
~Love you babe!


I am about sick and tired of this whole swine flu thing! Not only have two people just died of the swine flu in El Paso (Where I live!!!), but one of them was my age! I'm not gonna lie...I'm freaked out! Bella started coughing and had a fever the day before yesterday. She seems a little better. No fever anymore but she still has that darn cough, which kinda seems worse. And Lucky me, I woke up with the worst sore throat I have ever had in my entire life, and its still burnin' strong!

It sucks because the swine flu symptoms are really just like any other flu. Even if you test negative for influenza at your doc's office, you may still have it. The only way to know for sure if you have it, is to have labs taken at your doctors office and have them sent to the state agencies, and they aren't offering these tests to everyone...only those who have severe symptoms or are in the groups for high risk, because of the enormous amount of tests being sent in. I think Bella might be in a high risk category but I'm not sure. They have been mainly saying children under two.

This is ridiculous! I should just be thinking, "No big deal! We're kinda sick, but it will pass. If not we will go to the doctor and get antibiotics." Not, "Crap this could be the Swine flu and we could die." RIDICULOUS!!!

As if the freakin' Swine Flu is not bad enough, a little kid is battling rabies because she was bitten by a bat that had rabies(the 5th bat that tested positive for rabies here this year)! Less than 1% of people survive from rabies, so basically NONE!

Swine Flu and Bats with Rabies! Great!

No more watching the news for me!


katie said...

I swear I had the swine flu right when the outbreak happened. I have never been that sick before. It sucked. But everyone laughed at me when I said I had it, even though I had every symptom. But, I survived! :)

Mia Dickinson said...

I panicked that I had swine flu...turned out to be food poisoning. The thing is, I dont feel like we've been given enough information about it!
Love the banner at the top and you have adorable children.
Mia x