Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's The Point? Wednesday!

Whats the point of taking antibiotics, if all they do is make your stomach hurt, and you are still hacking your lungs out?

Whats the point of having coloring books if your child uses themself as a canvas?

Whats the point of vacuuming your living room floor and furniture, if your lovely shedding bulldog follows right after you and rubs himself all over the newly cleaned space and then shakes so his fur flies everywhere?

Whats the point of beautifully reupholstering your dining room chairs if your four year old daughter sits in one? They are destined for dumped spaghetti sauce, spilled juice, and the results of a leaking grape otter pop!

Whats the point in buying a special Dora garbage can for your daughter's room, if every time she finds a piece of garbage, she comes downstairs and asks you to throw it away for her? Do I look like the Garbage Man? Man...I hope not! :o)

Seriously...This is my day!


Allison said...

sounds like mama's overloaded with work!

your kids are so beautiful!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Wow, I totally have "what's the point" kind of days!

Kendra said...

Sorry you had a rough day! Thanks for the tip about the writers. I have seen them before but never used them. That would have been a perfect solution to my dilemma! Ah time!