Friday, August 7, 2009

All these Years!!!

So apparently, there is a right way and a wrong way to open a banana!

My entire life I was led to believe that the right way to open a banana was by bending the stem until it cracked open! This is the common belief of most people!

I do sometimes get frustrated when the banana doesn't open as easily as it should and gets squished in the process!

Well get ready to have your mind blown....We were all WRONG!!!

The correct way to open a banana is by pinching the end of it and then peeling it open!

Yep, that's right folks!

I tried it and am amazed! I wish I had known this, IDK...24 years ago!

Thanks Mom! Haha!

This is actually the way that monkeys open bananas! Who Knew?

Well they may fling poo, but they know their stuff when it comes to bananas!!!

Happy Friday!!!


Lynette said...

duh thought all us monkeys knew that