Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Robots" Interactive Exhibit!

A few weekends ago, we went to The Interactive Robots Exhibit at the Lynx Exhibits Museum. The exhibit was based one of Bella's favorite movies, "Robots."
They had a ton of activites for all of the kids! Bella had a blast!
Daddy and Bella using robot arms to pick up toys and put them in a box. It was tougher than it looked! ;o)
Daddy and Bella playing with some real robots!
Bella and I in the cross-town express from the robots movie! There was a screen in front of it that played this part of the movie, and the seat moved with the movie so it was like you were really riding the cross-town express!
Bella playing with more robot arms to move blocks!
Bella takin a quick pic before building her own robot.
Daddy and Bella playing and learning about dominos just like Bigweld, and always...happy as clam!

Daddy and Bella as Fender's head!
We had so much fun!